The importance of texts in a photography website

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You're a photographer and your medium is images. Through them you express what you see, what you feel and sometimes you use them to give free rein to your creativity.

But when it comes to offering your services on the Internet through your photography website, in addition to showing your work you must learn to sell yourself. Because yes, a website of photography, video or creative must be focused on sale (unless you want to use it to show your work without profit).

To do this, you must take into account 3 pillars on which to support your business strategy: images, web and content:

1. Of the photographs, we know you do well. Although it is always advisable to continue training to recycle and learn new techniques.

2. Your website will be your cover letter, the only communication (especially at the beginning) between you and your visitors. It should be very visual, simple and intuitive. At Arcadina we offer you this and much more.

3. But there is one aspect that we sometimes forget and they are the contents of our websites, and especially the texts.


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