Magnus Apoluk comes from the business and creative advertising world working as an executive and creative director for several advertising companies like his own global agencies like James Brand & Co, IwebYou, Wit Agency, The Muscovy Duck, Barry Black, or for other classic agencies like Saatchi, DDB, HC and Doubleyou.

For the last 10 years Magnus has create concepts for multinational brands like Reebok, Adidas, Inditex, Novartis, Telefonica, Orange, Danone and Sotheby's, among others. Nowadays Magnus is SONY Ambassador  as photographer of Alpha Universe. 

Inside this website you'll find the art and creative personal projects of Magnus Apoluk expressing himself by combining photography, music and writing.

" Besides being a creative professional for the advertising industry I also need to create my exciting personal projects with absolute creative freedom. The advertising world is a hard deep daily jungle. I also need to think and create my own arts. I adore to generate photography as long as I can. Everywhere. Everything. Always. Any place is the place. I flow composing music themes. I love writting all kinds of things. Art is my loop and my freedom. Life is an invention that we can capture and savor better through the eye of the freestyle photography, the sound of emotional songs, and the depth of reflective writtings. Purple rains, dark nights, amazing trips, crazy people, magic sunsets... Whatever. If you are in regular contact with this website I will always offer you curious thoughs, sensations and feelings. It's the only thing I can promise you. Welcome, relax & enjoy. The food is served."

Magnus Apoluk