Everlasting thanks to James for showing me the passion to feel art & culture with your photos, musics and films. With each shot I do I can still touch you, with each note I compose I can still feel you, with each word I write I can still hear you.


To Nur for lighting my inner flame to start photographing the world I see. Thank you for your patience, and above all for not ceasing to inspire and improve me since I met you.

To Kev @lktroluv for being the first one to believe and encourage my creative spirit. 

To my T-T for showing me how to think big and to be strong. 

To Fer, Roka, Pod, Nach, Sinu, Jorg, Kiko & "El Ekipo", Milk @jonantonmusic, Dori, Alf @alfredcausi, Sergi @sergigarnica, Queleta @raquel_rgb, maestros Julio @aphotoyear_julio_lozano & David Escamilla es.davidescamilla.com, the boss Núria Mimó, Don Fede the artist, Mike, Ann, Mum and all my family & friends.

To James Brand & Co www.jamesbrand.co for being the creative agency of my life. James Brand Group www.jamesbrandgroup.com for being my first big professional dream that came true. 

Thank you for the magic that exists in the production company http://themuscovyduck.com/, and in the music studio Barry Black http://barryblack.net/

To all the curious, strange, interesting, unique and unexpected people that appear in my pics. 

To Jacko, Morrison, Freddy, the Gallagher bros, Frank, Presley, Brown, Williams, Zimmer, Who, McCurry, Leiter, Marco, Adams, Susan, Vangelis, Scott, Spielberg, Jedis, Deckard, Rachel and Nexus6, for always being there.