The best domain names for Photographers and Creatives

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Classic domain extensions for your website

  • The extensions .com .net .org .info .es and are the most used in websites in Spain and the first also in the rest of the world. All of them have international recognition and are included in the price of your website with Arcadina.

Premium domain extensions for your website

  • Our Premium extensions are .pro .agency .art .blog .business .camera .design .digital .download .education .events .fashion .gallery .land .life .love .fashion .online .photo .photography .photos .pics .pictures .school .shop .site .style .shop .video .website and .wedding , their prices are not included in the cost of your website, but you can buy them easily. Many of them are very attractive extensions because you can find in the list the niche of your company, something to take into account if you want to develop your personal brand with your domain and specify your specialty with the extension.

Geographic extensions for your website

If your audience is located in a specific market, you can choose to get an extension of the domain of the country in which you want to publicize your services or form your business. In Arcadina we also offer multiple possibilities, many of them free of extra costs. These are all options:

  • The geographical extensions .eu .fr .be and corresponding to Europe and different European countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium and South America Colombia, are also included in all the plans to create your website given its international importance.
  • We have many other geographical extensions such as .mx .pt .cat .eus .gal .co .ca .cl .ec .pe .uy .ch and .ie, which have a higher registration cost due to the prices of the domain regulator of each country and whose price is not included in our plans, but you can purchase it additionally.


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