We have separated the Online Shop and the Customer Area

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Until very recently, Arcadina had only one space where the online shop and the customer area coexisted.

Now these services have become two completely different spaces (both in the management panel and on the web). Both sections keep many aspects in common, but separate have much more potential as we will see now.

From Arcadina we are working conscientiously to offer you a better service every day. That's why we want your experience on our platform and that of your clients to be more and more satisfying.

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Web positioning for photographers: The best keywords for your web of photography

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Every day we get queries from our users asking what keywords to include in your photo website to get a good positioning. There is a lot of writing about it, but it is true that if you don't understand the concept well and you don't know how to choose the right keywords to position your website in search engines, your effort won't do much good. That's why we've created this SEO article for photographers to help you direct your website to the right audience.


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What are keywords?

They are those short terms and phrases that your potential clients...

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The best domain names for Photographers and Creatives

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Classic domain extensions for your website

  • The extensions .com .net .org .info .es and .com.es are the most used in websites in Spain and the first also in the rest of the world. All of them have international recognition and are included in the price of your website with Arcadina.

Premium domain extensions for your website

  • Our Premium extensions are .pro .agency .art .blog .business .camera .design .digital .download .education .events .fashion .gallery .land .life .love .fashion .online .photo .photography .photos .pics .pictures .school .shop .site .style .shop .video .website and .wedding , their prices are not included in...
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